Curup Maung Waterfall, Wonderfull Sumatera, Indonesia

In accordance with its name "Curup maung" 
Maung which means sweating, kecapean, the smell of sweat stinging (maung) that is the point. 
Because to get there it's quite difficult let alone have to hike downhill for about 30-60 minutes, it's also a trail down the trail through the roots of trees and rocks.
It's only natural that this nature tourism is still relatively new because it has only been exposed 2 years ago. 
But although recently, curup maung is one of the mainstay tourist attractions in pagaralam city. 

The waterfall is located on the border of pagaralam town and lahat district, about 15 kilometers from the center of Pagralam. Upon arrival at the location we will be amazed by the beauty of this waterfall. 
Curup Maung has become a "trending topic" all over the world because of its interesting charm. 
How not, the shower is divided between the cliff walls decorated with green moss and grass which is certainly a plus of this waterfall curup maung. 
It's not wrong to name it Niagara Sumatra.

Now there are also many local and foreign tourists who come just to enjoy the amazing view of sumatra's niagara waterfall. 
Because you also not only enjoy it, if it comes when the weather is not raining tourists can also bathe in the river or under the fall of this waterfall.

Local administrators also provide tires to cross the river to the bottom of the water, cheap kok only 5000 rupiah. 
You can already experience a natural reflexology massage by bathing under the fall of the waterfall and will make you not want to go home. And no less important for you this destination is also instagramable really for those who like to explore beauty and hidden paradise in the corners of Indonesia.

For the entrance fee to this attraction is quite cheap just pay parking for 5k motorcycles and 10k cars 
Also the time below will be asked for 5k hygiene money / person, suitable for those who like to walk around with a low budget 
So when are you guys going to go here?

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